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Hello, I have the HD 6970 card and I would like to run one monitor at the moment; I want to switch to two monitors in the future, and I would also like to connect my component tv to it so I can watch movies on a bigger screen.

I have found a few different DVI to Component adapters but I'm not sure if my card supports displaying component through the DVI adapter.

Also from what I understand having read through a few threads on here, I will need to be running at least one monitor through a display port at all times for me multi monitor eyefinity setup to work, correct? Currently I'm just displaying on one monitor through the DVI to HDMI adapter that my card came with. So if I understand correctly I will have to buy a Display port to HDMI adapter if I want to use one HDMI monitor, and a component tv.

Oh I suppose it's important to mention I have the AMD 3 slot version of this card that allows for 2 DVI and 4 Display Ports to be used at once.

Thanks for your time,
Kind regards.
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  2. Nevermind, I called AMD and they said my card doesn't support DVI to Component.
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