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I am looking for a good gaming laptop for around 1000-1100ish. I am new to this whole customization of computers and i am looking the best system for the price, without building it myself. Because i am new to this i just didn't want to go to a random site and ordering a computer without getting some online advice. Do you guys have any recommendations? or if everything is going to be out of date soon? or a new great product that would cause me to wait to buy? a sale?

The only requirements are a 15inch screen

would something like be good? or should i keep looking?
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  1. I've never looked into gaming laptops, so I can't recommend anything, but that Battalion-thing's specs whoop Alienware of the same price.

    And, my word, RAM upgrades at reasonable prices?!
  2. would 8gigs not be enough, or is more just better. i plan on playing games like diablo 3 wow and starcraft
  3. Dell thinks 2GB of RAM costs $50 or more. I'm just impressed that on the laptop you linked to, their RAM upgrades have fair prices.

    4GB is plenty for gaming, and 8GB is a good sweet spot, especially if you're going to use the computer for other applications (and again, the upgrade price is very fair).
  4. do you have to get a laptop. if you really want to game get a desktop. its entirely up to you but desktops for games are so much better. if you didnt already know you can get external wireless cards at most stores for around 10 bucks and you can connect to wifi on a desktop.
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