Cannot change resolution from!

I have a very odd problem (which I have previously posted in a different part of this forum, but have now narrowed down the symptoms).

If I select a resolution of anything other than 1280x1024 on my desktop PC, my LCD monitor goes blank. This is particularly odd because my LCD monitor has a native resolution of 1024x768!

The monitor works fine with my other desktop and several other laptops at any resolution. Similarly, I have plugged the desktop into other monitors and they work fine at other resolutions, so there must be an odd conflict between the monitor (which is an "Acoustic Solutions LCD-1531B" model) and the motherboard/graphics card (which is a Asus F1A55-MLE motherboard, with a built in AMD 6530D).

I am connecting with a VGA cable using Windows XP. I have tried updating the motherboard and graphics card drivers in Windows, I have flashed the BIOS with the latest BIOS driver. I have set the graphics card to output at 60hz. In particular, the problem starts as soon as the computer turns on - the monitor only comes on when Windows loads up and selects 1024x768. I have tried changing the resolution with the built in Windows option, and with the "AMD Catalyst" program, but neither helps. Aaagh!! I simply can't think what else to any help much appreciated.

PS I am also having problems playing games with the graphics card (it crashes out immediately any 3D starts) which may be connected - although I want to get the main problem discussed above sorted first, then I will try and figure out my gaming problems...
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  1. Under "Display Adaptor" there are two items: (i) "AMD Radeon HD 6530D" and (ii) "VNC Mirror Driver". Neither indicates any problems. I'm not sure what item (ii) is for though.
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