Audio lagg, someone please help.

well, i know that my pc is really BAD.
but lately. ( I ve had this pc for over like 4-3 months already), started a week or 2 ago.

it has been Audio Lagging.
the audio will start sounding bad, and than start lagging, and loss the synchro.

this never had happened before. and i wonder, what could it possibly be.

i also think that it only happens when i am watching something on Google Chrome.
because when i play saved video files with my MPC-HC player, everything goes normal.

Normal website this happens on:
Audio players on websites or Tumblr's.
Anime streaming site's.
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  1. Try the same program on IE and or firefox. If the problem doesn't occur there then its Chrome. If it still happens try updating Flash or whatever the show is using to play the video.
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