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So this (or rather yesterday) evening I went out with a friend and picked up a HX1000W PSU. I noticed when I got it home and opened the package a burnt smell, but kind of wrote it off. Stupid me. I get everything removed from my case and put in my new unit, which was a small miracle since this thing is pretty damn big. Anyhow, as I was plugging in all the connectors I took a look at the 24 pin, and here is what I saw.

WTF!? BURNED pin 11 on the 24 pin!? Brand new out of the box, factory sealed in cellophane and I see THIS!? Corsair, your quality has gone down hill (or maybe your third party contractors) since I last bought a PSU of yours (a TX650W.) I've already been in touch with the retailer I bought the PSU from and they basically said it's physical damage so I am S.O.L as far as a refund is concerned so I need to RMA this unit.

My questions are simple. 1) Will they replace this with a NEW unit or a refurb? 2) Will I still get my 5 year warranty after they replace the DOA unit?

How is Corsairs RMA procedure anyhow? I mean turn around time and all that. I literally drive by their office in Fremont CA every day, so I hope they allow me to just do a will-call and have this taken care of when I return from Christmas break. I've already submitted the on-line RMA, but honestly I wanted to vent. And this is stressing me out. Merry Christmas to me I guess.
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    You still get your warranty and you will get a brand new unit. I think they are ok about RMA not on par with EVGA but then again no-one is.
  2. just rma it, its really that simple,

    and yeah evga customer supports is a+

    corsair is decent.
  3. Thanks boys. I feel better.
  4. excellent ;)
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