GTX 580 SLi Power Efficiency?

If they are any more power efficient then the predecessor GTX 480's I would be able to SLi these wouldn't I with my Corsair TX 750w 80 plus bronze certified power supply. I found some good deals on EBAY and Amazon for 580s. Is it a no go? Thought I'd ask! You guys are great help! Thanks again
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  1. 60 amps on the rail so yes your psu can handle it, though not very effiicent you will loose a lot of wattage via heat. I would recommend a HX 850 for that setup, but again you will be fine with what you have.
  2. Will it be better then a GTX 480 SLi setup basically? I won't have as much heat and power consumed? I am trying to construct a really good setup for HD gaming at 1080p, since I am unable to get my GTX 670, and I am not paying $500+ right now for a 680. I can get dual 580s for like 250 each if I do it right. So is that a plan?
  3. What I may do is just go for the GTX 580 SLi setup which will be amazing in games for a long time, atleast until next year. If both cards are too power hungry for my power supply, I will only use 1 for the time being, and upgrade my power supply soon after I get both. What do you guys think. Both of these cards in SLi will demolish anything, and the key is at a much less costly amount of money then 2 sli 670's I'm talking like atleast $250 less.
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