GTS 250 & 120hz monitor producing "purple Snow"

I am unsure which hardware is failing on this so forgive me if this is a simple answer.

I recently purchased the Samsung SA700 23" monitor & when I attempt to put it in 120hz I end up with this purple, snowy screen. Otherwise when it's 60hz, it works fine.

The Video Card I been using is the Geforce GTS 250. The card has been working fine for me for the last 2 years.

Both Hardware is up to date on drivers as well.

Further note: I called Samsung & they were claming that it's the video card. Would I need to upgrade the video card to handle the 120hz?
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  1. Its an older card, and probably doesnt go up to 120hz, even though it should.

    Unless you really really really really really care about playing at 120hz, then its not a really big deal, and its not worth an upgrade.

    What games are you playing?
  2. Mostly just playing SWTOR. I was concerned when I saw the Purple snow So I just wanted to make sure which hardware was causing the issue.
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