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Just replaced the daughterboard on a Dell Inspiron mini 1010. It is a 2-in-1 processor and memory board. It had 1 gb memory and I upgraded it to 2 gb. The processor speed is 1.6, same as the old board. However it is running much slower than the old one and any video I try does not work well. I went into the device manager and it is showing 2 identical processors. I will tell you that I fried the harddrive and I also had to replace it so I had to reinstall the operating system (XP). Did I get a bad processor? I also verified that it is a 1.6 gb and I do have 2 gb memory in the computer info screen.
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  1. it sounds like you need to download and install drivers still.
  2. Intel has the hyper-threading technology. That is why the processor duplication shows up in the device manager. But you may be on to something as far as driver installation. I did not install all 19 of the recommended drivers from Dell for my netbook even though everything works. In addition, I have to update the bios. Thank you for the info.
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