Why does the 8600 GTS work in one computer but not the other

Hi! I am attempting to get an old desktop of mine up and running again.

The computer has
- an AMD Athlon 64 4000 San Diego Core CPU
- nVidia GeForce 7900 GT

The 7900 GT is one of the XFX cards that was recalled several years back and has been artifacting on me quite horribly. I've decided to finally try and turn the computer into an FTP so I purchased a used XFX 8600 GTS.

When I boot with the 7900 GT, it loads Windows XP fine (but with crippling artifacts). When I use the 8600 GTS, the computer won't even post.

Normally I would assume the 8600 is dead, but I plugged it into my main tower (Asus P6T Intel X58, 10GB RAM, Core i7, etc) and the computer boots normally. I get into Windows 7 and run a DX Diagnostic and the card is listed without manufacturer, chipset, or anything. All of the fields are blank. In the Device Manager, it is listed under "Other Devices" as a VGA compatible card. This may be because I am not running the proper drivers (as I still have the GTX 560 drivers installed), or could this be a sign of an issue with the 8600?

I looked around and it does not appear that there is a video chipset on the mobo itself.

Just to add to my confusion, I plugged the 8600 GTS into a third computer of similar specs to my main tower (except with an MSI mobo), and the card did the same as in my old AMD machine... black screen, no post, no nothing.

Is the 8600 GTS just DOA? If so, any idea as to why it works in my main tower? Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated!
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  1. What is the size of the PSU's involved? Lack of power in one could be an explanation.
  2. The PSU in the old AMD computer is 600W. The PSU in my main tower is 750W.
  3. What brand and model? I have an old one in the closet that is 580 watts but only 19amps where it counts on the + 12 volts.
  4. The old computer has a XION PowerReal XON-600F14T-201 600W ATX12V in it. The new computer has a Corsair. The third computer with similar specs to my main tower has the same issue as the old computer (black screen), but it is running a 650W PSU that powers a 560 GTX Ti.
  5. All PSU's should be enough then so you have a very strange issue on your hands, I simply can not think of anything else except driver issues but you went from a geforce to a geforce so that should not be an issue. Have you tried older driver?
  6. Well, when I originally tried running the 8600 GTS I was running it off of the drivers for the 7900 GT. I forget the version number, but they were updated about 3 or 4 years ago. Perhaps that is too old though. I could try to find some in between aged drivers?
  7. It could be an issue with the motherboard. You may want to update the BIOS. Some first Gen PCI-E boards (notably of the nForce variety) Have issues with PCI-E 2.0 and latter cards.
  8. Is the 8600 GTS a 2.0 card? I thought it was just a regular 16x card.

    But regardless, updating the BIOS may be a good idea, I will try that, thank you
  9. only just check you PSU and Also PCI slot version Ithink Any one of it is not competing with ur graphic card so just see graphic cards minimum PSU and PCI slot Support
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