CPU or Motherboard dead?

Having some trouble with my system which has been running for about 2 weeks. I believe it is either the motherboard or the CPU that is dead, but any help from someone with more experience would be great.

As of 3 days ago the computer was running fine, until I came back after it had been on sleep for an hour or so. The computer wasn't turning on at all. I turned the power off at the wall and waited about 1 minute or so. I then switched it back on, and hit the power button on the computer chassis. For a split second the fans inside the chassis came on, as well as the LED's and the CPU fan. Then everything died and wouldn't turn on until I disconnected from the wall and did it all again.
At first I thought it was the PSU so I borrowed a friend's with strange results. If JUST the 24 pin power is plugged in I get CPU fan and the graphics card fan all running and the USB ports all have power to them. BUT if I plug the 6 pin CPU power in at the same time the PSU turns of straight away (Shorting?) This was all done out of the chassis on a non conductive surface with almost everything disconnected. I have tried removing RAM and graphics card and I don't have another CPU to test.

My thoughts are that the CPU is dead, even though it is only 2 weeks old :( Could it be the motherboard or some other component?
Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. OK well first off try reseting your CMOS

    Then I think you should run MEMTEST

    Though if you can not even get a display then I am pretty sure that it is a mobo problem if you can get the mobo replaced... also check for bent pins on the cpu.

    Hope this helped! :D
  2. Hey Panicmaser, thanks for the reply.
    I have tried resetting the CMOS with no luck. I will end up sending the mother board or CPU back under warranty, I'm just not sure which one is failing.
  3. Any idea if it's the motherboard or the CPU dead?
  4. honostly no idea... if you got it from a store just get both replaced

    but if you cant get both replaced then get the mobo first because it does not sound like a cpu failure as much as mobo but if you can just to be safe get both
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