TA790GXE 128M Biostar Mobo Not picking up 7750 AMD card.

I recently got a radeon 7750 to run diablo 3 better, or pretty much any of the games that I play, and for some reason I could never get this device to pick up on the Device manager, or anything really. It receives power, as its fan turns on etc. but it seems the mobo (the Biostar TA790GXE 128M to be exact) doesn't pick it up for some reason. The mobo has 2x PCI-E 2.0 slots, and the card in question is PCI-E 3.0, but I was under the impression that 3.0 was backwards compatible. I meet every requirement to run the card besides that, if just barely on the PSU (requires 400w, I have a 400w PSU). Any ideas?

Oh and I thought I'd mention it but for some reason after I installed the radeon 7750 my on-board Network card decided to just stop existing. I could disable or enable it via Bios, but otherwise when I loaded windows it didn't exist. Not in device manager either. Did it somehow get fried, or what could have even happened? I installed the card without so much as touching the mobo itself so I don't see what went wrong.

Specs: Win 7 x64 bit, 8 gb ddr2 RAM, AMD athlon II x4 630 processor 2.80 ghz, ZU400w x1 zumax PSU (It's not antec, was mistaken)
The card more specifically is the Radeon 7750 1gb GDDR5, Diamond manufacturer

I don't think this matters for compatibility with the mobo but I use the VGA to DVI adapter to plug into the card, from a monitor that uses 1920x1080 resolution.
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  1. Facing the same problem bro.. the device manger isn't showing my graphic card. I tried to install the 12.7 driver, as it helped somebody on the internet, it got installed but when i went the ccontrol panel right clicking on desktop it gave me" No amd driver" error!

    Seriously need for help guys!
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