Card is ON but won't detect

Hello all, I'm having a bit trouble with my computer. Just tell me if I forgot something

My brother replaced my Motherboard, processor, harddrive, graphics card and PSU. The reason for this was that the PSU in my old computer blew so we decided to upgrade a little. Everything seems to work but I can't get my Graphics card to get detected by the computer. I can tell that the card is 'working' because the fan on it is running. I also have the same problem with my hard drive. I can't get my OLD tb HDD to work but a freshly bought 500gb one will work. (Which I don't mind to much). I have another card that I tried to plug in which also resulted in the same as the other.

Anyways, I'm currently stuck on "Intel HD graphics" and I would really like to get back into gaming but I can't do much without my graphics card.

I have:
Intel Core i5-3450 CPU @ 3.10GHz 3.10GHz
TZ77A motherboard
Delta Electronics PSU (?) (Offbrand)
GTX 460 and 9800 GTX+ graphic cards
2gb ram.

I don't what else you guys need to help me out so sorry if I missed something.
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  1. Are the graphics going through the integrated graphics on the motherboard?

    How many watts does your power supply have?
  2. Yes the graphics currently are the default from the motherboard.

    The PSU says "Max continous power: 350W" but it also says "MAX: 300W"

    So I'll take a shot and say 300.

    My motherboard has a 8 pin connector thingy, and the PSU connects to only 4. There is no other wire that can connect to it so it's just 4pins.
  3. The 460 needs more than 300 or 350W in any instance, and the 9800GTX+ needs way more than that.

    That is definitely the issue there friend. You should update that power supply to use either of those cards. The reason the power supply does not have the connectors to the graphics cards is because it doesnt have enough power for them.
  4. The power supply is definitely the source of failure. You are going to need more wattage.
  5. Max 300w doesn't mean it runs at 300watts it means it can at maximum run at 300 watts, which it will only do for a few seconds. If it were to run at 300w continuously it would explode in minutes. Your power supply is terrible, you need to replace it with a trusted brand! Seasonic for example makes the best power supplies on the market
  6. Placed in a Antec truepower 850W quattro PSU. The graphic card is still not working.
  7. I hope that old PSU didn't blow up your graphics card or Motherboard. Make sure the 6 pin power supply is connected to the card. If you have access to another pc, try if your card works on it.
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    Are the fans spinning on the graphics card? Did you plug in the connectors to the cards?

    Did you turn off the onboard video in the BIOS and set the default to PCI-E?
  9. Brother turned off the internal graphics and we couldn't see anything. Fixed it though. Still a problem with the graphics. I don't have access to another computer. The PSU could have blown the graphics card, but that doesn't explain why the 9800 doesn't work.
  10. I believe the GTX 480 is fried. I was messing around in BIOS and got the 9800 to work. Everything seems fine.

    Sad to see my 480 go though :(.

    thanks guys.
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