Will either of the 6870s fit into my case

I'm deciding to get a hd 6870 for my build. Try to choose between one of the following two

My case is the rosewill challenger black gaming mid tower

I read some reviews saying that the cards are long. Will any of the card fits into my case? I don't intend to do any crossfire.
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    They should fit fine in the case, its a pretty big case.

    You should be perfect. Want to post the other parts of your build to get some commentary on the parts? We'd be glad to comment on it.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Parts I have bought so far.
    i3570k / GA-Z77X-ud3h / G Skill Ripjaws 2*4gb ddr3 1600 / WD Cavier black 1TB / Rosewill Capstone-550 550w / Rosewill challenger black gaming mid tower

    Only the graphics card is pending. Budget for that is $150. Any good recommendations?
    Might do a bit overclocking. Will the build do well?
  3. Looks like a pretty solid build, yet if you plan to overclock in the future, you are definitely going to need an aftermarket cooler for that i5, since they run hot compared to the older models.

    If you just want to keep the build at stock right now, and overclock later with an aftermarket cooler, that would be idea for your budget, because then you wouldn't have to subtract from your graphics card budget for the cooler.

    As for the graphics card, if you still want to spring for the 6870, then go for it. Its a great card, my buddy has one. Plays everything he wants at the highest it goes.
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  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Will monitor the cpu temperature first and then decide whether do oc or not.
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