Is this motherboard decent for a gaming PC

Hi guys. I posted last night on these forums and found it very helpful, however I just have a quick question.

Is the following motherboard - Gigabyte GA Z77X UD5H (
a good motherboard for a gaming PC? Does it have enough space to run SLI in the future? I really don't want to screw out here with this motherboard as I am inexperienced really in computers but i'm not a total dumbass. It seems pretty good to me I just want your guys validation. Thanks
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  1. It is a good motherboard for gaming and have enough space for sli but most of your other pci slots are going to be unusable but anyway, it is a decent gaming motherboard.
  2. Totally agree with the previous user. However, if you won't be using a dedicated sound card or something like that then covered pci slots won't be a problem.
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