Will a Corasir Builder Series CX430 work for this system?

Intel CPU Core i3 2120 Sandy Bridge Dual Core Processor Socket 1155
Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2 Intel H61 1155 Motherboard
MSI GeForce GTX 560 Ti Overclocked NVIDIA Graphics Card - 1GB
Hitachi Deskstar 500GB 7K1000.C Hard Drive - HDD
Corsair Builder Series CMPSU-430CXV2UK 430W Power Supply (PSU)

Will the CX430 be sufficient to power the GTX 560 Ti, or should I go for a 500-600w PSU?
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  1. Yes, but I'd get a CX 600 for extra future breathing room.
  2. OR get the CX500, it's 10$ cheaper :D
  3. Mm thanks, I went for the CX500 :D
  4. Okay, becuase the GTX 560 Ti is currently out of stock, I've been trying to use this XFX HD4890 XXX as a temporary solution. However, the card won't boot. W/hen I put in my HD4890, there was no video feed, and bios beeped 4 times, I uplugged the HD4890, and put in a GT220, which requires no PCI-E power cables from the GPU. The PC booted fine. Afaik there's two possibilities; the PSU doesn't supply enough power, or the HD4890 is bad. Anyone have an idea?
  5. Did you connect up the card properly?
  6. Smeg45 said:
    Did you connect up the card properly?

    Yes, I seated the card, reseated the card, re-connected the PCI-E connectors. When I took off onboard graphics from the BIOS and used the card, the case speaker made four beeps; one long followed by three short. When I searched this, it came up as something like "bad video memory or no video card present". I suppose this means it's more likely that the card is broken?
  7. 4eps is probably a video card memory error

    chances are the card is dead , and static electricity has kiled one or more memory chips on it

    Rather than the 560 ti use a Radeon 7850 . More powerful and lower power consumption for a few dollars more
  8. Mm, I can't find any 7870's in the UK for a similar pricepoint to the GTX 560 Ti's, the cheapest I could find doing a very brief search before going out was a 7870 @ £190, and the GTX 560 Ti I had my eye on was @ £167.
  9. 7850
  10. Oh sorry, didn't realise I typed it wrong. Yeah, the 7850's are all around the £190 mark.
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