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I have a client with a brand new HP ProBook 4530s who swears that the laptop runs ridiculously slow until he switches his wireless card off. The laptop is running 4Gb of ram on an i3, so I can't imagine it has issue keeping up when he is a relatively low end user on the PC, mostly just emailing and using microsoft office.

He uses a Verizon MiFi card, but it hasn't been enabled while the computer was running into problems. Is there any known issue with a MiFi card driver and the generic wireless driver causing problems with eachother and slowing the computer to a crawl?

Thanks for any help offered!
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  1. he should run task manager or another utility like Process manager to get an idea what's eating up his CPU cycles.

    It is possible for a badly written wireless driver to hog the CPU.
  2. I'll have to wait until he brings the laptop back in from the field, and post a screen shot of any process that appears suspicious
  3. After investigation, I noticed a windows update that had taken place after he had installed his MiFi software. After rolling the update back, the computer ran fine. Disabled the auto-update on all but critical updates and everything has been golden.

    Just another case of self mutilation by Microsoft.
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