Encoding acceleration by using gpu

I wanna know best way to reduce time when encoding without losing quality.
I always convert from Windows Media "wmv" to xvid or mp4 by using softwares as Imtoo or xilisoft.

I have I5 and ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series.

I can use the gpu acceleration by enabling the AM APP on the softwares but the quality is so bad.

Now I am going to build new PC and thinking of buying a nvidia card which may be better than amd in encoding quality, but I want to make sure if I am doing right or not?

I am not gamer and I watch some HD vedio.

And I am going to buy the i7 3770 which has its own graphic thing , so what should I choose?

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  1. you said you want to accelerate your conversion using ur gpu according to ur choice nvidia is best and ou should go for it coz it has to use cuda cores for conversion but as coming to ur i7 upgrade i think there are enough processors for i7 to handle very fast conversion i always convert videos to different format and i always get the best quality in very quick time coz of my i7 860 getting nvidia is akso best as we come to conversion quality use divx converter best of all i found until now it may take time but doesnt compromises quality good luck
  2. OK
    as I saw there is no diffrene in quality between amd and nvidia.
    so I guess I still not sure what to do.
  3. so shoul I buy cuda graphic one?
  4. I found the 550ti asus
    should I get it?
  5. or get 400 series?
    as I am not a gamer
  6. i'm no expert in this encoding stuff but isn't that intel quick sync (which was first introduced with sandy bridge processor) are much faster in this task? also all geforce 8000 series and above have "CUDA" cores inside them. if you look hard enough you can get GTX460 which a lot better than 550Ti for the same or less cost
  7. Thank u renz496
    I may not buy a garphic until I see the intel quick sync if it good ok Or buying GTX460.
  8. ok
    after trying the intel 4000 hd, it seems that does not support Encoding acceleration
  9. intel 4000 hd
    does anybody know a way to take advantage of it in Encoding acceleration ?
  10. intel 4000 hd
    does anybody know a way to take advantage of it in Encoding acceleration ?
  11. If it's not supported by the software than it won't work.
  12. Hi mimo2002

    The problem with video conversion/encoding quality is not the hardware used, but the software!

    You need to get better software! You already have decent hardware, an i5 already speeds up encoding, though you will get better encoding performance with a decent nvidia or amd gfx card and an i7 cpu, you will not necessarily get better quality, that depends on your software used and the codec format; H.264, mpeg etc...

    Hope this helps you decide.. remember that we are daily improving on technology and the speeds at which things are done! You can build a super mean system for encoding etc, but it will only be as fast as the software giving instructions and making of use of hardware provided... at the end it all depends on the software... if you take a look at gaming, some games run with excellent visuals with low hardware requirements, where others run also with excellent visuals but eats at low end hardware and systems. Its al the software..

    Take a look at AVS video converter software and some free others at this link:

    Good Luck :)
  13. amuffin said:
    If it's not supported by the software than it won't work.

    I am not sure if supported or not.
    Need someone to confirm.
  14. Hi xenophon

    Thank you very much for your answer, it is really helpful.
    You just draw my attention to software part which is take part with hardware in encoding .
    I will do search on this.

    Thank you again
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