Laser, Optical or doesn't matter for a Gaming Mouse

Is there a difference between optical and laser for gaming mice? Is the highest DPI the best? I see 5400, 6400DPI? What are the really good ones because I think I struct out with MAD CATZ RAT 7.....the is CRAP and the mouse is cramping my hand when I leave my computer. I play a mix of FPS (Battlefield 3, APB Reloaded and strategy games...Civ 5 and soon Simcity 5). Is the "sniping button" a gimmick?

I was looking at the Deatheadder 2013 or going back to Logitech (not sure which one though)
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  1. The DPI give you more precision but you won't be able to see the difference betyween 3500dpi and 5000dpi in games

    But in windows, the most dpi you have, the faster the mouse moves

    I've had 2 Razer Deathadder 3.5G 3500DPI and i love them, the palm rest is incredible, the buttons are very smooth and the texture is awesome ... the only con was the side buttons because they were a little too far

    As long as your mouse is comfortable, have 3000dpi or more, you are ok to go and i think razer is the best brand for mouses and keyboards

    Hope it helps
  2. Thank you. I was going to get a second mouse. The RAT 7 was driving me insane. I noticed sometimes, I can't scroll right and taking it off and putting it back on the game surface, it then works. I also downloaded the firmware using a laptop and thumb drive which worked lol. Is the precision button a good thing to have or a gimmick?

    I see the Deathadder 2013 is the sucessor to the 3500DPI.
  3. I would say that the precision button is just a "add-on" and i would never use it .... it's there for the look and to say "in call of duty, your sniper become more precise" ... that's pretty much the only reason but it's not a reason to buy the mouse
  4. Thanks Bromeh (yummy brownie!). I snipe in APB Reloaded, was just wondering if it helps (against aimboters lol). I was actually in the software and set it to 75%. I guess I will test it to see if it's worth it or next mouse wont have it. I just cleaned the surface where I have the mouse, hopefully that does the trick although reading many reviews the same people are having issues. I read that the older one was having issues but all was quiet with the new one....until lately. That bites!
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