Laptop key press automatically at random interval.

I kindly want to ask why the laptop keyboard always give key problems with many laptops that I have used. I am living at sea side near coastal area of Mumbai (India). In past I had HP netbook which similarly problem with the some keys of the keyboard not working. I then at that time sold that HP netbook and than purchased a laptop then the laptop was working fine suddenly after few months of use the "z-key" start to type itself at random times when I type a document or url in the browser . I had opened the laptop back screw and removed the keyboard from the laptop. But I don't know if the laptop keyboards are repairable ? I work as part time at home as computer hardware technician. I did removed the keyboard from laptop but before doing any further repair with keyboard is it possible that the keyboard pad and the keyboard plastic sheet which is sandwich between the keyboard will survive. And had anybody have heard or done laptop keyboard repair "random key " press repair successfully?
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    i'm not a pro at this but i would try to contact the keyboard company to get a remplacement one or to blow some air between the keys ... laptops keyboard are all the same ... once they die, you can't really do something for them

    Hope it helps
  2. first i would check if there not a virus or something that made the key work by itself .
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  4. Solved: I have just tried your steps I used a hair drier to blow air between keys and at bottom of the keyboard but caution if you use too much of hair drier the heat from it can melt the plastic film and the rubber under the keys. I did not have a air blower so I used hair drier instead.
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