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I would like to manually set my voltages at the stock levels. Unfortnately I cannot find them on the web. Does anyone either know them or can point me in the direction of where I could get them?

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  1. Clear CMOS, to do this turn off your computer, keep the power cable plugged in but switch the power socket off if that makes sense, hold down the power button for a few seconds, then open your computer, on the mainboard there is a lithium battery, take it out for a few minutes then put it back in shiny side up then your computer's BIOS settings should be set back to defaults.

    You can get your CPU voltages on Intel's website.

    The minimum is 0.6500V/0.65V (for underclocking) and the maximum recommended is 1.4V, the voltage for 2.8GHz should be around 1.132-1.136.
  2. Mind-reader, looked in the BIOS and it is currently set at 1.136 stock cpu setup
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