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I want to add a second fan to my HSF Enermax ETS-T40-TB. My motherboard only has one CPU fan connector. There is a pwr fan connector. If I connect the second fan to that will it work correctly. By that I mean if the original fan is running at a lower speed and the second fan runs at full pelt all the time won't it create an imbalance in the push pull?

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    You could go with one of those things. Tom's did a test about different fan positions and adding a second one to a CPU didn't actually make hardly any difference at all.
  2. Leave the heatsink fan plugged into the CPU_Fan header; or else the computer will shut off.

    You can add a fan and connect it to any available fan header on the motherboard for speed control in the BIOS OR connect it directly to the PSU; it will run at full speed.

    Try to match the CFMs of both fans as close as possible; it is not critical that they match.

    If you decide to go with just one fan, make it a "pull" fan as opposed to a "push" fan; the air flow will be better; more laminar.
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