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For starters there isn't a cooling forum so I hope this is the right place to post.

Hey guys I am looking to pick up the Intel I7 3820 and the Asus Maximus IV Extreme (A455-3063) to replace my I7 930 and Gigabyte X58A-UD3R rev 2.0. I am curious can I take my heatsink off my old setup and put it on my new one? I have a Coolermaster V8 and would it run well?

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  1. Also I am buying from tiger direct and the I7 3820 doesn't come with a fan so I am trying to find out if I can take the fan off my old CPU/motherboard setup and put it on my new one. Thanks again!
  2. I have a CM V8 in my i7-920 overclocked desktop. The V8 is not the best aftermarket heatsink.

    I am building a desktop around the i7-3770K (Z77 chipset motherboard) and I am planning to use CM Hyper 212 EVO heatsink.
  3. You can use it just make sure you clean it good and reapply the thermal paste, I dont know about the V coolers but I have the Hyper 212 evo and love it it's cool (literally :sol: )
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