7870 vs 7950

7870 is supposed to perform near the level of a 580,but is it spending the extra $40 for 7950 worth it, is the performance at least 10% better and can it oc like a beast?
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  1. You're probably better off with a 670 GTX at the moment, prices of the 7000 series cards are still falling, at the moment the nVidia cards have a better money to performance ratio.
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    Most 7950s hit 1025MHz or higher. The 7870 is close to the 7950 until you OC. I am not sure if the 7870 has much headroom left though since its clocks start so much higher, so the 7950 certainly has more power overall. You'd have to look at some reviews and benchmarks for both overclocked to decide
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  4. thanks just ordered the 7950 looking forward to tweaking it =)
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