My first gaming build 1000 euro

Hi guys, my first post in the forum. I am the kind of guy who do things first and asks the important stuff after... usually that cost me a few extra bucks, always...

Ok, the plan was to build a 1000 euro gaming pc and I have been reading this forum during the last 2 weeks searching for advice and information. So finally I decided I was ready to spend the money and so I did.

Got the parts mainly from OC UK and KMcomputers from germany and I am still waiting for them to arrive -_-
Below I will describe the build and I will be grateful if you could give me your opinion and tell me if I am missing something, the main idea is to have a PC that is able to run Diablo 3 or a good MMO, hopefully GW2 at medium or max settings

Processor: Intel i5 3570k

Graphic Card: Asus hd7850 2GB

CPU Cooler master hyper+212

Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V LX

Memory: corsair vengeance 8gb

Case: Antec 300

PSU: OCZ modxstream pro 600w modular

21.6" Widescreen LED monitor from OC

Standard x24 DVD + RW Drive

HDD Seagate Barracuda 500GB
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