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Hey guys, have a ASRock Z77 Pro4 and 3 fans that I'm trying to hook up to it (all 3-pin connectors). However, the motherboard only has 2 Chasis fan connects (3 pin and 4 pin) and 2 CPU fan connectors (one is occupied).

So my question is this, is it safe to connect the 3 pin connectors to the 4 pin connector? I read that 4th is used for controlling speed only and not necessary.

And also can I connect the last fan into the extra 3-pin CPU fan connector? Otherwise guessing I have to buy some 4-pin molex to fan converter...Thanks!
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    you can absolutely plug a 3-pin in a 4-pin it will do the same job as a 3-pin since 3-pin are Power+, ground and voltage i think .. anyway it will work with no problem but don't plug it in the wrong pins because the computer won't start

    Hope it helps
  2. Great! Found a different thread that said I can also safely plug in a 3 pin chasis fan into the 3 pin cpu fan connector on the motherboard so think I'm all set. Thanks! :D
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