Advisable video card for Asrock motherboard

just want to ask what video card is advisable for my motherboard.. the model is Asrock G31M-S, 2Gb ram,400w PSU and 500GB HDD.. any advice will be considered..
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  1. With an unknown brand of power supply and unknown CPU, plus an unknown case size, and unknown use for the video card, a Radeon 7750 is a safe bet for a solid lower end gaming card unless you have a small form PC.
  2. well then here's my other specs. the brand of the PSU is ATX, with an intel Core duo processor @2.00ghz, the video card will be used for online gaming and maybe some other new Pc games like Modern warfare.. will radeon 7750 enough for a gaming like that?
  3. ahm one thing, the 7750 is a PCI-E slot card right? i read other forums saying a 400w PSU is not advisable for PCI-E cards for it will damage the card itself. is that true? im really confused, every other forums are saying different things.. (sigh)
  4. ATX is not the brand btw, its the PSU's type.
    As far as damage, its not that 400w are not suitable for PCIe. The thing is that the PSU might not be able to supply enough power. If you have a small PCIe card that doesn't require much power, the 400w could be enough.
  5. so you think that radeon 7750 will work well in my 400w PSU without damaging the card? i thought ATX is the brand coz i spotted it in BIG RED LETTERS in my PSU side haha! i think GIANT is the brand :D
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    A 7750 is a very low power card for it's speed, it may not be the fastest one in it's class, although it's very near that, but I believe it's the fastest lower end card per watt by far.

    You need a faster CPU for newer games, a 3 gig Core 2 Duo would work well, or a 2.5 gig or so quad core.

    With a faster CPU and the 7750 you will be OK running new games, maybe not on high settings at high frame rates but with good quality for sure.
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  8. ok then. thank u for all your advices. i learned a lot from you.. ill inform you later after i buy that 7750 and if it will perform well in my PC. thanks bro..
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