Which graphic card is the best for my system?


USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming for some games(Casual), Movies, Daily computer internet work

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: Onboard Intel GMA 3100, PSU: Built-in 250W PSU

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS:Intel C2D E7300 2.66 GHz, 2 gb ram, Win 7 32


PARTS PREFERENCES:Single slot cards(I have only one slot), Good Ventilation, AMD or NVIDIA

OVERCLOCKING: Dont think so since im a student and just want this PC for games only for 2 years.

MONITOR RESOLUTION:Not sure(18 inch monitor)

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:BUDGET is 95 dollars can stretch to 100 (no rebates). Thinking about the 6670 gddr5,
play games like cod mw series, dirt 3, Fifa 12, Saints row 3, BF3, GTA IV etc.
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  1. you will need a new psu, sorry but that is like 50 bucks so if you have a 45 dollar budget for a video card you will be sadly dissapointed.
  2. I mean im getting a new good psu. The budget is only for the graphics card.
  3. hd 6770 is also good
    price of 6770 and 7750 are almost same
    6770 also more powerful than 6670/7750
    but it consumes more than double the power of 6670
  4. it wont fit in my budget!!!
    Is the hd 6670 good?
  5. performance wise 6770 is better
    for more:- http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/345593-33-7750-6770
  6. at what resolution will u be gaming?
  7. i have an 18-inch monitor so the res would be less
  8. My res is 1366 x 768
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