CPU issue? Please read

Hey folks,

I am having a few issues in the iRacing simulator, I hope you can help me sort it out.

Please take a look at the screenshots below. In the 1st picture, notice how when I'm sitting in the pits my 6850 can be fully utilized by my i3-2100.

However, in the 2nd picture, on certain parts of the track, my GPU utilisation falls down to 85%, sometimes even lower... the first thing one would think of is a CPU bottleneck, however, note in Task Manager that my i3-2100 is only hovering at around 50%, far from being stressed.

No power-saving features are interfering, I have the desktop set to "High Performance" in Power Options, my i3-2100 is pinned at 3.1Ghz according to CPU-Z.

I am running the simulator maxed out at 1080p, with all the graphical settings turned on.

I want to understand what is going on here. Is it:

1) CPU bottleneck? Should I upgrade my CPU?

2) Poor CPU utilization by the simulator?

3) Some other factor?

What can I do to get rid of this problem?

This issue has really been bothering me for a while. I can't get a straight answer on the iRacing forums, so I thought I'd turn to here. Can you please help me out?

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  1. I would say graphic card bottleneck rather than a cpu bottleneck

    Graphic card is almost at max when the cpu is only at 50%, that means the game only needs 50% of the processor power to run the game and needs full power of the graphic card

    With a GTX 680 it would be the other way, GC-> 50% i3-> 100%

    don't worry about your processor :P

    Hope it helps
  2. Also, you are running the game at 150fps and + why are you wondering about that ? lol
  3. Hmmm...I'd say most likely that your CPU is bottlenecking the gpu as an i3 isn't very good for gaming. The best are i5's
  4. Um... Yeah... If u r at 150fps u don't have a problem.
  5. Fellas please note, I am running this at maximum graphical settings. This should be more of a GPU-bound scenario than CPU-bound.

    iRacing is different to games. In a nutshell, you can never get enough FPS. Its not about the FPS you see on the screen in front of you. Its to do with the car's situation in the simulator. If it was 30 FPS, the car would be advancing in increments of say 1/2 foot between each frame... that is highly intolerable in racing simulators, we need as high a precision and accuracy as we can get by reducing these increments. In real-life basically, you have infinity FPS, that is why with iRacing, you can never get enough FPS.

    Now back to the topic. If the symptom above exhibits a CPU bottleneck, I will upgrade my CPU. I have been planning an upgrade for my system, but I wanted to check which specific parts need an upgrade.

  6. Other than you not liking the readings is there a problem in-game? Stuttering, poor response to control input, ect?

    Is your monitor 60hz or 120hz?

    What is your ping to the game server? How does it compare to others on the same sever?
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