Can my PSU handle an upgrade?

I have this PC
And I was thinking about upgrading from a 6670 to a 7770. Will my power supply be good enough and is my case large enough?
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  1. As the amd site says, yes you can :

    That card needs 500W and your psu is 500W lucky you :P but don't overclock or add too much stuff because you will need 600w .... 500w is ok but not recommended

    Hope it helps
  2. If that's a quality PSU, then 500W is more than enough. I think it's okay at best from the picture. There's no brand or specs to be seen. If it even has a PCI Express 6 pin cable, it will probably work. I would recommend a quality PSU but I suspect your budget is limited.
  3. justiboi said:
    I have this PC
    And I was thinking about upgrading from a 6670 to a 7770. Will my power supply be good enough and is my case large enough?

    Your sys with a 7770 will pull less than 300w, so 500w is more than sufficient.
    However, as prev mentioned, that PSU may or may not be able
    to deliver 500w. Those PSU's (extreme gear i think) are not
    known to be of good quality.

    I suggest you do your 7770 upgrade with your current psu and
    see how it performs. If you pull that psu out now, it will most
    likely void the warranty of your system.

    I'd be saving up to replace the psu down the line.

  4. CyberpowerPC used the APEVIA TURBOLINK ATX-TL500W-BK as the base 500 Watt PSU model in the Gamer Ultra 2098.

    Hardware Secrets did a review on the 450 Watt version of that PSU, the Apevia Turbolink ATX-TL450W-BK, and found that it could only deliver 240 Watts. What they also found was that the Noise and Ripple levels always exceeded the maximum allowed by the ATX12V specifications. That means that the electrolytic capacitors in your system are being destroyed by the out of spec ripple levels.

    I'm sure the 500W model isn't any better.
  5. Thanks to ko888 I eventually found a review by Legit Reviews of this PC. Here's what they have to say:

    "The system is powered by a 500 Watt Turbolink branded switching power supply with model number ATX-TL500W-BK. This is a brand that we haven't heard of before. It has two +12V rails with +12v1 being rated at 16 Amps and +12v2 being rated at 18 Amps. This power supply doesn't have any PCIe 6-pin power connectors for video card expansion, which is a bit of a bummer as we always like PCs to have an upgrade path. We took a look around the system and found all the power connectors were used except for one 4-pin molex connector and a SATA power connector."

    Here's a PSU for you then:

    CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 ($20 after rebate)

    Or if you want one with more power for your future upgrade path:

    XFX Core Edition PRO550W ($40 after promo code and rebate)
  6. Thanks ko888 and johnsonjohnson! I'll get a new PSU because I don't mind saving up a bit more. Better safe than sorry I guess. I wasn't sure of this power supply because it doesn't seem very reliable.
  7. That's a good idea. Good luck and enjoy your new upgrades.
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