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Hi, I recently bought a GTX 670 and was surprised to see once i downloaded the drivers that NVIDIA doesn't have any utilities for it, like AMD does with the Catalyst Drivers. I wanted something that would at least do basic things like give me GPU health specs, maybe power profiles or something so when NVIDIA didn't offer any I went to Gigabyte's site and downloaded their OC Guru utility, even though at the moment i'm not too interested in OCing my card since it is factory overclocked. when i opened OC guru my gpu fans started roaring at 100% and the utility told me the card was running at 80 C which is very high for a windforce card just sitting at the desktop.

I uninstalled OC Guru and found MSI afterburner and while the interface is a bit odd it seems to do the job just fine, but i was wondering are there any better software utilities for NVIDIA cards?
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  1. EVGA has a program named Precision X but I haven't used it. I think it works on all Nvidia cards.
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    Either EVGA's Precision X or MSI's Afterburner are the best.
  3. ok thanks since i already have afterburner i think i'll just stick with that, wanted to make sure there wasn't anything exceedingly better.
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