NVidia 9800 S graphics cards

I need to get two 9800 S graphics cards for an HP Firebird FB802....can anybody help with this..

Thanks guys
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  1. Dang hard find and way to expensive but here you go.

  2. Thanks I know been looking for a long time...yes expensive but I love this machine..but it is 3 years old ...suspecting just to get new one.
  3. Sorry not the same ones...these are 9800 S with sli technology
  4. I have a pair up for sale
  5. Is there a reason for wanting that exact card? You know that any graphics card will work inside that PC?

    P. S. There's no such card as 9800 S. There are, however, 9800 GTS, 9800 GT and 9800 GTX.
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