My System is Receiving Low Download Speeds

As indicated by the title, my system is receiving download rates however my upload speed is fine. I am using a wireless USB lan card to connect and when I bring a laptop to my bedroom (where my desktop is), my speeds are fine. It started last night and so I called timewarner. They told me to sequentially reboot my modem, then router and then computer which seemed to do the trick. Then today I restarted my computer and now I am getting a really slow connection, as in 1 Kbps download speeds. I have also tried using a Netgear Powerline adapter on my desktop which got me equally slow speeds. I called again today and we seem to have sorted out that it's not my ISP and that it may be a driver/software issue. It's a homebuilt computer (i.e. being in the homebuilt category), so I suppose it could be an updated driver that doesn't work, but it was working for the past two weeks and it was working last night.

If anybody has any idea what happened that would be great to know. He said I may have to reinstall windows, but I'm kind of apprehensive to do that.

The only reason I feel like it might not be a software glitch is that my uploads rates are normal.

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    What connection speed are you paying for?

    go to and start it to see what you are dl/ul rates are. If they are within 20% of what you are paying for. If they are not as fast as you are supposed to be getting, it's time warner. If these are normal but you are having issues downloading things, you are probably being throttled by time warner (they like to slow down programs like bit torrent). Either way, time warner is more than likely screwing you.

    I used to have time warner and my speeds went from 15Mbps down to 0.25Mbps. I called them on it and they said my router must be I bought a new router and didn't fix anything. So, I called again and had a tech come out to see what was wrong. Turns out that 200 people had moved into my neighborhood and they couldn't handle the bandwidth. It made playing MMOs impossible!
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'm paying for 10 Mbps. On a laptop at the house I get around 9.5 Mbps which is why I feel this shortage is so strange.
  3. Ah, ok I misread what the problem was. Can you connect your desktop directly to your modem and see what speeds you are getting?
  4. It seems that, my powerline connector is what made my speeds slow. When I have it plugged in I get terrible speeds and when it's out I get good speeds.
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