Is it worth upgrading my processor/mobo (lynnfield)?

My current system is:
i5-750 OC@3.6GHz
Asus P7P55D-E Pro
16GB GeiL 1600MHz
Gigabyte 7950 Windforce 3 OC @ 1125
Kingston 120gb SSD

I am starting to get into live streaming and have noticed that my processor is struggling to keep up. I have tried to bump my clock up to 4.0GHz but can not seem to cool it even with a CM 212 Plus in P/P config.

My question is, is it worth upgrading to a 3570k or wait until the new 4th generation of core processors comes out? If it matters, my next system will be a Mini-ITX system in a Silverstone SG08, regardless of which architecture I go for.
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  1. I would wait. In fact that is what I am doing since I am still using a Q9450 @ 3.0GHz.

    I guess it depends on what you do with your PC. Haswell is expected some time in Q2 2013 so that can be anywhere from just over 3 month from now to just over 6 months from now. No concrete answer as to how much better performance will be over Ivy Bridge. I think it will range between 6% - 10%, but betting on about an 8% increase in performance assuming same clockspeeds. I believe Intel is focusing more on reducing power consumption than increasing performance.

    I believe Intel will focus on performance in 2014 when they release Broadwell.
  2. I would wait as well, that I5 still holds it ground.
  3. how much affect does processor have on gaming? Would it be worth getting an AMD 8 core for the added power when streaming? I know the 3570k is better strictly for gaming but what about while streaming gameplay?
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