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Hello Everyone, I'm here to share my new system with you, to see what your opinions are, good or bad. Basically I started up a small business hosting websites called Sonic Hosting and Custom Computers. This rig will be used to host websites, but since I could not afford a E5-2687w (high clock speeds are a must.), since 1 Xeon costs the amount of my Budget LMAO, I went with something close enough and about $1300 Cheaper- the 3930k. Anyway, here are my specs:

COOLER-----H80 cooler
MOBO------Asus Sabertooth x79
RAM---------Kingston HyperX 1600MHz 2GBx8
GPU---------Radeon 7850 1GHz
SSD---------Samsung 830 Series 128GB
HDD---------Hatachi 1TB 7200 RPM
HDD---------Seagate 400GB 7200 RPM
PSU---------Antec 750 watt PSU
CASE--------Antec Twelve Hundred V3

If you are wondering, the 7850 is so I can design graphics for my website, and make templates for others for their websites.
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  1. Where is the redundancy for data security? do you have a NAS device or a RAID enclosure?
  2. NAS device
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