I need some gaming friends

Hey guys a couple weeks ago i started to get into pc gaming and built my computer. I am in need of some friends to play bf3. I just got my 20 hours in the jet trophy/ribbin i would be very happy if i could have some friends to play with on a daily basis. I have a mic and skype and teamspeak. if you want to play then just reply on this thread :D
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  1. i still need to buy my video card and my mobo so i can play.

    i play COD though on my crappy laptop
  2. Ok sweet what vid card you getting ??? i used to play cod on my ps3 :P
  3. i dont have my rig ready yet. playing on this laptop where it uses intel hd graphics (not that hd2000. before that meaning 50% less performance)
  4. i lag whenever someone chucks a semtex or flashbang at you
  5. lol icic
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