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I posted this in the NAS section, but think maybe builds is more fitting. Over the next few months I plan on finishing plans to build a NAS that will be strictly for home media(movies/music). I currently have a WD My Book Live on the network, streaming to a Pivos Aios. For future expandability this will need to be accessed by 2-3 media players at the same time.


2-3 Media devices at a time

Initial 2x 3 TB expandable to atleast 6x3TB

I don't know how much read/write speed will effect it but drives will need to be mirrored in some way.

Ideas on cases that will fit an A/V rack? Or good ideas on placement for mini cases.

Willing to run different O/S options, open to WHS.

Budget is open, however only willing to increase budget for large increases in functionality.

You guys have been very helpful in the past, get me started with some ideas so I can put this together.
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  1. bump?
  2. A llano quad should do the trick. Probably even a little overkill.
    Hows this CPU and mobo for a good foundation?

    This case has 4 3.5 inch bays for hard drives. Might not be enough for you, but its compact enough.

    This one will take 6 hard drives
  3. Case does look good as I will need atleast 6 HDD involved over the course of time. Is it ok to use the existing space for the OS or does it need its own drive?

    That CPU and mobo seems to be quite to overkill as I won't be encoding any data, only using this as a network location to stream media to my current media player. But will I need more power to stream to multiple locations at the same time down the road?
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