GTX 560 with i3 2120

is my INTEL i3 2120 can Bottlenecking my GTX 560??

can anyone explaine why??
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  1. Nope. A lot of cheap pre-built systems use that setup and they work fine. You might not max out BF3 and Skyrim though.
  2. oh i i cant max out GTA 5 too?? those games are cpu dependent am i right???

    i want to play this game

    far cry 2
    mass effect 3

    do you think that i can reach a healthy 30+ FPS?
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    On those two yes, even more. But games like GTA 4 and 5, Skyrim etc. like big bad quadcores. You will still probably get good fps in them but on lower settings.
  4. ohhh ok thanks
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