What's wrong with my Graphics Card?

So I was playing a game one day and all of a sudden it started lagging, the screen tore and textures weren't loading properly before it came to a complete stop. I reformatted and updated the drivers but the problem still persists.

Is there something wrong on the hardware side of things?

(It's an Alienware M14x with a GT555M)
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  1. How is the temps of your laptop? It could be overheating. Make sure your laptop is well ventilated.
  2. Yea, I made sure my laptop was well ventilated and not overheating so that doesnt seem to be the problem.

    It happened yesterday and it has still persisted despite me reformatting and updating the drivers, in all honestly I've been playing a game that's still in its alpha stages so due to the NDA i can't disclose what it is but it's definitely not as consuming as BF3(which I managed to play on ultra). This is the first time that it has happened of all the times I was testing the game and I'm not sure what's affecting it, I ran dxdiag and nothing seemed abnormal...
  3. Well, if your are alpha testing a game, I'd suggest you'd report it to the developers about the issue.
  4. Hmm yes I did i tried other games(red orchestra2, supreme commander 2) and the same issues are happening to them so I was thinking something might have broke in the card.
  5. Do you still have warranty on the laptop? I suggest to send it in for repair.
  6. I doubt so, when my game crashes display driver stopped working/kernel error pops up if that helps.

    I'll probably have to send it off then :/
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    No need to be harsh. :D
    Your name is harsh enough ( no pun intended ). :lol:
  8. harsh is an indian name @randomkid
    display driver hs stopped working..... pops up when the gpu heats up son there is probably a glitch in the game..
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    Well... if I see "combustion man" in any forum, I know its you.

    @Forkkind, sorry about the distraction regarding names & avatars...
    Hope you sort out your problem & may Alienware treat you kindly about your laptop problem.
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