Detect ram slot without the use of internet and without opening your laptop

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to detect the number
> of RAM slots available on my laptop, and the number that
> are presently occupied?
> I want to do this without opening the casing. And without the help of internet.
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  1. By "without the help of internet," does that mean things like "no looking up the laptop model number for specifications," or does it include "no downloading a program like CPU-Z which will identify your RAM" ?
  2. Reboot the computer and go into the BIOS.

    In there it should show you the slots and how much memory, if any, is in each.
  3. You aware that it's ironic that you are saying you want this information without help of the internet, and yet you are posting this on an internet-based forum?

    Anyway, the number of slots is two, which is standard for majoirty of all laptops. Far as the slots occupied, that we won't know. It's a 50/50 change it will be both, or just one.
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