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Upgrading Graphics Card

Currently i have a integrated graphics card and I am looking to upgrade this to make Diablo 3 look better and be able to run on medium to high settings. I am looking at about $100-150 budget. PSU Upgrade is also needed if anyone has any reccomendations.

Current Stuff

ATI Radeon HD 4200
6GB DDR3 memory
AMD Phenom II 840T Quad Core

Main question is can i buy a graphics card that is GDDR5 instead of GDDR3 and would it work?
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    Yes it will work, GDDR# just tells you how fast the video ram works. I don't know how much watts your current PSU gives.

    The best card for your budget is a 7750, doesn't need a plug from the power supply. I assume your current power supply is enough, but please post the wattage from your current PSU (if possible).

    Sapphire 7750 ($109.99, $99.99 after Mail-in Rebate)

    ASUS 7750 ($109.99)

    You can also do a 7770. You'll probably want a 400W or 450W PSU.

    MSI 7770 ($124.99, $109.99 after Mail-in Rebate)

    Sapphire 7770 ($134.99, $119.99 after Mail-in Rebate)

    Corsair 430W ($44.99, $24.99 after Mail-in Rebate)

    Let me know what you think :)
  2. wow i failed to post the wattage. It is currently a pathetic 250W. I am looking at the 7770 or 6770. Do you know how the 7750 would work with Diablo 3?
  3. For a 250w PSU I recommend the Radeon HD 6570.

    If you want the HD 7750 you need to get a 300w PSU. And it will be fine for Diablo 3.
  4. i am planning on upgrading the PSU when i buy the GPU. So power supply is not a problem. Would you recommend the 7770 over the 7750?
  5. I would recommend a 7770 if you'd want to upgrade. It's about a 20% difference.

  6. Last question(s):

    Can it fit in the computer?

    Will i have to connect anything to the PSU or similiar to taht?

    Are the drivers stable?
  7. I don't know your case model and the size of it. And I don't know the Watts your PSU gives.

    You will need 1 6-pin power connector.

    As far as drivers, that's up for debate, it can happen with any company. But they are okay at least on my 6870.
  8. Will the previous power supply you mentioned work for the MSI 7770? If so i thank you so much for your help!
  9. Yes, the power supply I mentioned will be enough to power your whole system including the card. I took a lot consideration to make an appropriate PSU suggestion for your budget.
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