Cpu won't turn on

Hey guys, I just upgraded my computer from DDR2 to DDR3. So I got a new motherboard, cpu and RAM. I putted this into my computer, but my cpu fan won't really turn on. I don't know if it has anything to do with my power supply, or misplaced cables, I tried to take it out again and put it back in, and double check cables. But still cpu fan ain't working
Please help :(

mobo: Asus - P8H61-M EVO
cpu: Intel core i5 - i5-335OP
Power supply: Energon EPS-750W

Hope this help.
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  1. Hi, Make sure you've connected the 4-pin ATX power cable to the motherboard.
  2. It's connected, but the fan is going on for like 1 second and then it goes off again.
  3. Then I suggest taking the board outside the case and test it on its box (for ruling out a shorting issue). If still the same, it might be a power supply issue.
  4. I would follow this.

    Check all cables, unplug them eall and plug in again.

    Check the HSF is installed correctly.

    Put motherboard on box and try again.

    Try another PSU, maybe an idea to ditch the one you have and buy a high quality one (Corsair, Seasonic etc.).
  5. I only had time for checking cables, which didn't fix the problem, I will try taking the board outside the case and test it on its box. I need to go in 5mins, and I will first be able to try again in 2 days. But I really appreciate the help :).
  6. did you shut it down or just turned off the mains?
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