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could this be my graphics card starting to break, i cant seem to find out why its doin this do i need a new graphics card

and then id would do this in differand areas across the screen

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  1. Does it also happen with your games as well?

    What is your current system specs, can you list them?

    Also, have you tried new drivers? or roll-backed back drivers?
  2. my curretn setup is a phenom II 955 BE, Crosshair V Formula, XFX 6870 (single fan), Raidmax 630 watt power supply, 8 GB gskill ripjaws at 1600 corsair h60.

    i havnt played any games sense it happened. i just updated the driers that was released, it even did it on my previous drivers. and i havnt tried to roll back the drivers
  3. Have you overclocked any component of your computer? If you have, try default clock settings.

    How long have you had these issues? Since the beginning? Or when you installed a component?

    It could be a couple of things:
    RAM malfunctioning, do a memory test
    or http://www.memtest.org/

    Graphics card: Either overclocked, overheating, possible bad driver, or malfunctioning card

    PSU: Last option of malfunction.
  4. all of my stuff is running at stock speeds. and it started happening 1-2 weeks ago and was slowly getting worse. ill run memtest tonight. i know my graphics card runs between 55 to 60 on idle. what could i do to test if its the graphics card. i also tried to take out the graphics card and nothing different happened.
  5. try the monitor on another pc or laptop to rule out the gpu of the pc. also check the cables that there tight and there not bent pins or kinks in the cables. if you have an odler can try it in the pc to see if the monitor still the issue.
  6. another thing i noticed whrn the screen is all messed up, and i go to a YouTube video and start watching the video it fixes the screen temporarily
  7. As smorizio had said, make sure all the cables are properly in place. Also, if possible try the monitor on another computer.
  8. it cant be the moniter, it does it on any display i plug it in to i have 2 moniters and a 46 inch tv. and i only have 2 of them working at the same time. and it does it on any of them
  9. So, it could possibly be the GPU.
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