New Gpu Computer Shuts down

HI all.

Let me just start by sayng although I am new to the forum I have found this site very helpful while searching Google for other problems in the past :-). Which is why i have joined the forum to see if any one can give some advise on the problem i am having.

OK so i have recently.... two days ago install a new graphics card a Sapphire HD 7970 GHZ edition 3GB vapor x. I uninstalled drivers from my old graphics card a Sapphire HD 6950 2GB by using the add and remover programs function in windows 7. Then rebooted in safe mode then used driver sweeper to clear out all other ati stuff.

Now to the problem. During battlefield 3 which is the only game Ive tested it on so far. The computer will just turn off completely like someone has turned it off at the wall. This happens within about 30 minutes of game play. After this pressing the power button on the PC does nothing...... i can see the green led on my motherboard showing there's power but pressing the power button does nothing... I have to switch off the psu by the switch for about 10 seconds or so and switch it back on. Only then will the power button turn the computer on.

Ive used msi after burner to monitor the gpu with no over clock and the card is at 99% usage and gets no hotter than 60c

Now im thinking its my psu. The reason for this is that when i ordered the card from e buyer the description says you need a 500w power supply and a 8 pin and 6 pin connector. Also this is the same description on the sapphire site. But when receiving the card it actually needs two 8 pin connection ( so ive had to use the molax adaptors) and on the back of the box it says 750w or greater which is very confusing. Ive reseated the card and check connections but with no luck.

My system spec is

CM Storm Enforcer case 1x 120mm fan 2x 200 mm fans
Asus Sabertooth 990fx
ocz gxs 700w
fx 8120 @ 4.1ghz
cm hyper 212+ cooler
Sapphire HD 7970 GHZ edition 3GB vapor x
Corsair 8GB VENGEANCE 1866
3x hdd 7200rpms
1x samsung 830 256gb SSD boot drive

If anyone has any ideas let me know :-)

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  1. Forgot to add that furmark will turn the computer of instantly.....
  2. It is a power problem but hard to say if it is the PSU or the card. I would though try using both PCIe power connectors since it might be the molex you are using is from a rail that gets overloaded. Adapter
  3. You have to understand that if your power supply becomes overloaded the circuit protection will shut down the PSU as protection, If you have done all the checks that both pci-e 12v supply are connected to the card it is likely the card at full power is demanding too much from the power supply and it cannot cope so the circuit protection is cutting in as a safety feature.

    You should check how many amps on the 12v power rails the card requires as well as its maximum wattage required to run the card at full load. Then check what the PSU can output in watts and how many amps it can provide on the 12v rails.
    If it not enough its time to by a better PSU of a decent brand at a higher wattage and amp rating on the 12v rails to make it stable again.
  4. Hi, I also think it's a power supply issue. Can you borrow one and test?
  5. alexoiu said:
    Hi, I also think it's a power supply issue. Can you borrow one and test?

    Merry Christmas to you also alexoiu !!!:)
  6. Unfortunately i am unable to borrow a psu. But im tempted to try the 6pin to 6/8pin adapter to see if that works before buying a new psu. I will also try and find out how many amps the card requires to compare it to my psu.

    Thanks for your help and i will keep you updated.

    Merry Christmas
  7. Just done a couple of sums about amps

    Now my psu amps is 56.67A total amperage available. So using the watts / volts = amps calculation and if the recommended of 750w is right on the back of the box i will need 62.5A so im running short.

    But if i do only need a 500w psu like it says on the Sapphire website i will only need 41.6A which my current psu is able to supply and it has to be another problem.

    Im just wondering if they have recently changed the design of the card....... i will have to contact them direct i think.
  8. You are not running short your PSU has at least 525watts on the +12 watts which equals 43.75 amps total Based on the picture of the sticker here
    The big thing there is that they also state what the +12 volt outputs are and I am almost sure you are just overloading one of the rails by not using one of the PCIe power connectors.
  9. Ok thanks rolli59, im gonna order some 6 to 8 pin adaptors and see if it solves the problem. Any idea why the recommend requirements on the box mention a 750W? So far ive only found one website which mention a 750w psu for this GPU
  10. It must be for 2 x in crossfire.
  11. I was thinking that too but mentions nothing on the box what the 750w is for. It does mention about 150w 8-pin connectors though.
  12. Quick update.

    Adapters arrived today. Connected them and so far no crashes. This is based on furmark which would of caused the pc to shut down instantly. Now im able to run the full 15 minutes bench mark with no shut downs.

    So i thank everyone for there help especially rolli59.

    Also run last thing. Are these Adapters ok to use for long term? Or should i look at it as i will need a new psu at some stage?
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