Gaming at 2560x1440 (GW2- Guildwars2)

Hello Forum members.

Waiting and excited for GW2!

Want to know how my system if for gaming at 2560x1440 and any personal GW2 beta players playing at 2560x1440.

I really want to play at ultra/max settings.

Currently I can max out D3 without any glitches as that’s the only game that’s been tested with my current setup. I also have two other monitors that are only used for 2D applications as I only play on the U2711.

Any upgrades needed?
Any immediate bottle necks?

Motherboard: Asus P6X58D-E
CPU: i7 930 LGA1366 (4.1ghz)
CPU cooler: Noctua NH-D14
SSD: Intel 520 240gig (Boot drive/main)
SSD: Intel X25-M 80gig (Secondary drive –was previously the boot/main drive)
HDD: WD Caviar Black 1TB 7200rpm (Storage drive)
GPU: EVGA GTX680 (Stock)
RAM: Corsair XMS3 Classic 6GB DDR3 1600 MHz
PSU: Corsair 750TXw
Case: Antec1200

Dell U2711 (2560X1440)
Dell U2212hm x 2 (1920X1080)
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  1. Haha, well the fact that you can max out D3 is not strong evidence. It's like saying your car can safely accelerate to 40 miles an hour and wondering whether you can try stock car racing. But the 680 is a great card, and you won't have CPU bottlenecks. So until the game is out and we know for sure what the final system requirements are, I can't imagine advising you to do anything more than that. If you have to, the 750W PSU will support a second 680.
  2. I crossfired before two 5850's was my previous GPU set up and I can't stand the driver issues.

    I also play in windows full screen mode so i can "mouse-over" to the flanking monitors when needed (web pages, etc etc) so x-fire or sli is not in my favor. Hence i went with the fastest single GPU i could get my hands on....=(

    What games would you compare GW2 too? (CPU/GPU wise)

    Anyone with actual beta play at 2560x1440?
  3. I highly doubt max settings with a 930 even at 4.1. I had a 960@4.0GHz and in WvW I was getting 30> FPS and gw2 is a very cpu intensive game.

    Although on release it may be better utilized. I replaced my 960 with a 3930k though and it made me happy

    My gtx580 plays it maxed easy(granted at a lower res of 1920x1080) so I can't really speak for you.

    Won't really be able to tell until release like he said
  4. Is my i7930 OC at 4.1 GHz not good enough for even the latest titles?

    What tool can I use to see if it’s not enough?
    How can I tell it’s not enough? -100% usage? 90% usage? etc etc? Whats the magic #?

    Any games out there at the moment that my CPU is not enough?
    Any Benchmarks with my CPU?

    I assumed my current CPU would be enough for the latest titles.
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    I find it hard to believe that the 930 @ 4.1 is going to be a bottleneck. Compare the per-core chart on Tom's:,2761.html Bloomfield is not that different from Sandy Bridge. A 930 might not normally seem like it could compete, but at your level of OC, I think it's definitely sufficient--essentially no different from, say, an i5-3550 (ivy bridge) or an i7-2600 without OC.

    edit: here's another thing to check, anandtech's CPU benchmarks, which show that the 920 (which is clocked slightly slower) is essentially different from an i5-2400 only by the ratio of their clock speeds:
  6. Thanks Motorneuron.

    Would an upgrade be worth it vs what I have.

    I would need CPU/MOBO/RAM. The rest I can use.

    Any sugguestions or just keep what I have?
  7. I really doubt that you'd see more than a minor bump in frames by upgrading your CPU. It's still a great chip, especially with your overclock. Wait for Haswell! (Of course, this is all speculative until we see benchmarks of the final GW2 build, but I still can't believe it would be anything other than a minor difference in fps.) Save your money!
  8. Thanks Motoreuron. I think I will hold till the new chip comes out and hopfully i can still use my NH-D14 (I love it).

    Hopefully I can max GW2 at 2560x1440
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