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Seeking replacement card

So my girlfriend's GPU kind of craps out when she's playing wow. She moved to a 5th story apartment and it's pretty warm, but not much hotter than mid 80's the card overheats and shuts down. We're pondering a total replacement system but I was checking to see what might be a quicker/cheaper fix

she's got an older intel processor (not even an i3 - believe it's a quad core) and a 420watt PSU. Current card is a GTX210 I think; so if I was looking for a cooler running, more efficient card in the under $150 range would you guys have any preferences?
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  1. GT240, GT440, GTS450, GTX550Ti all better than her current card (from lowest to highest) but really can not say they are cooler running unless she has a fanless card.
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    In that case then you are definitely going to want to get her a card with a non-reference cooler as it will most likely cool better.

    You may want to try the MSI N550GTX-Ti Cyclone. It has excellent cooling.

    In the last generation of cards AMD typically ran cooler. However if she is in to WOW she is definitely going to want Nvidia as their cards perform better in most of the World of Warcraft benchmarks I have seen.
  3. BTW. I could not find anything on MSI's website however per EVGA's the GeForce GTX 550ti requires a Minimum 400 Watt power supply. Considering your girl friend has a 420 Watt PSU it should work fine.
  4. Ooh thanks rwayne! I'll get her the link and see what she thinks!
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  6. You may want to check out this video on the MSI GTX550ti Cyclone.

    This is impressive:

    Thank you for the best answer selection
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