Looking to upgrade HP h8-1214

I recently received the HP h8-1214 for a graduation/birthday present. I am new to computers and upgrading, as well as this website, but I want the best bang for my buck. Ive been looking at the GTX 670. If I get a new power supply and cooling system. Will this computer be able to use the graphics card?
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  1. Yes, it will. A 500W power supply with 2x6-PIN PCIe connector is the minimum requirement.
    How much is your total budget for the GPU+PSU upgrade?
  2. Thanks for the reply. Since I was gifted the computer my budget is pretty high since I planned on buying a PC for myself this summer. I don't want to spend over $1000 total, and 750 is what I would like to limit myself to.
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    $750 is pretty much for a GPU+PSU upgrade. You could get a great corsair PSU like this:
    Corsair TX650 @ $89.99:

    As for the GPU, I saw a lot of problems being posted with regards to the 670 so please research more about this option just to be on the safe side. Admittedly, the 670 is the best theoretically & it is hard to recommend something else if the OP can afford it. But better to be updated about any issue that may arise out of the recommendation & the you make a well informed decision.
  4. If you're going to get a gtx 670, I would get the asus DCII, gigabyte windforce, stock EVGA, or EVGA FTW one.

    I've got a stock EVGA myself and it performs marvelously. The Superclocked one had the issues. Every other model/manufacturer seems to be good.
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