Upgrade CPU from i7 920

Hey all, in about 2 months or so once i get my taxes back i have something on my agenda. I was planning on getting a new TV since they are so cheap now (my 42inch plasma cost 1400 in 2006, now i can get a 55inch for 900-1000 :) ), but i started wondering is my CPU starting to get a little to out of date?

I have a i7 920
12 GB 1600 mhz ram
gtx 670 OC
128 GB SSD

What do you all think? obviously with the video card i like to play PC Games. Should i invest in a new CPU and Mobo, or should i be fine for another year or so? If i dont upgrade is it gonna hurt me with future games coming out this year?
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  1. IMO, you should be fine. Buy the new tv and send me the old one. ;)
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    i7 920 is still very capable

    especially if overclocked

    got one in my second pc at 4ghz and it still does the business
  3. I have a similar system as yours, apart from the graphic card -- I have an old HD 5870.

    For gaming your CPU is more than enough, I see no reason for upgrading -- you still can overclock it to up to 4.GHz, with a decent after market CPU cooler like NH-D14 Noctua, or a Corsair H100i.

    Your card is also very good! :)

    Are you having any problems while gaming?
  4. If you do not have an aftermarket cooler that would be your best upgrade so you can overclock the CPU.
  5. I actually have the h100, but my i7 was from a batch that runs hot, i have it OC'ed to 3.2ghz and with the h100 it runs at 37-40 C idle, under load mid and high end 50's. So i dont think i can really push this one up to 4ghz with safe temps.

    Im not having any problems gaming also... i just wasn't so sure if theirs gonna be a big new thing coming up that would require a better CPU for me to run, but guess not. As of now i can run all my games i play at ultra / high whatever graphics.

    Thanks for all the replies i think ill just go with new TV, maybe if CPU / Mobo drop even more in price in 2 months i might be able to afford both :) Whenever i mention to wife about upgrading computer i get the look so.. lol.
  6. X58 platform does run hot! :(

    The Tcase for the i7 920 is 67.9°C, which is max temps Intel says is safe, and "allows optimal system operation and long-term reliability"

    So, I guess you can push it a bit further, specially with an H100! :)

    I see no need to overclock my i7 920 while gaming -- I have an Hyper 212 Plus -- I guess I am not losing anything, am I?

    So go for the TV and the peace with the wife ;)
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