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My mouse randomly disconnects and reconnects from my laptop. It is a brand new Sensei Raw mouse, and my laptop is an Alienware M14x R2. It happens very little, with quite a bit of time between occurrences, but is still annoying. What is the procedure to go about diagnosing why it happens?
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  1. Is it when to cord is under tension, if so it could be a loose wire inside your mouse. Do any error messages pop up on your PC when it happens, could be the the driver has been corrupted or didn't install properly. Have you tried using it in different USB ports, could be a problem with a specific port or the host controller has been corrupted.
  2. I don't think it happens because of cord tension, although I can't rule it out. The cord doesn't seems to be under strain at all when it happens usually though. I get no error messages popping up. It could be the driver I suppose, I'll try reinstalling. It happened 3-4 times daily in one of my USB ports which is slightly looser, and has only happened once in the last 4 days while in the other. I have two 3.0 ports, I'm trying the 2.0 one now.
  3. Hmm, could be a problem with the connectors on the mouses USB plug, if you can't fix it by plugging it into different ports and the driver fix doesn't work i would send it back, I did a bit of research and it doesn't seem to be a common problem.
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