Configuring DVD drives on SATA host PCIE card

I installed the Iocrest SATA Host Controller PCIE Card into my new Dell XPS 8500 (Win 8). I put my two DVD drives on the SATA connections because my motherboard's SATA connections were full, but the DVD drives are now not visible to me in My Computer and won't play DVDs. When I boot up, I get the a screen from Jmicron listing the two DVD drives, but I don't get the option of doing anything, just "strike any key" which then takes me to Windows. How can I set up the Jmicron software so it recognizes the drives? BTW, I emailed support at Jmicron and the email bounced. I guess they don't like supporting their products.
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  1. The problem could possibly be that because the two drives are going through the same connection (the PCI Port) that you need to configure them as master and slave with the jumpers on the back of the drive (you can Google how to do this).
  2. Actually, I have now put one of my DVD drives on the last motherboard spot and it works fine. I have one DVD drive on the card, though, and that's still invisible. Is there something I can do to the two DVD drives to make them "slaves"?
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