Gemini S524 vs Corsair H60

Gonna be cooling an FX 8150 in an HTPC that requires both cooling and quiet. I was thinking of going with the cooler master, but now I'm thinking the H60 might save me some headaches, as I REALLY don't trust myself to remove the motherboard. It would be a giant pain as well, as I had the Geek Squad tie everything down nicely the last time I brought it in.

Any thoughts or suggestions? By the way, I'm running this in a silver stone gd07b case.
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  1. dont you need to remove the motherboard to fit a back plate for the Gemini S524 ?

    it will be quieter than the h60--corsair default fans tend to be loud

    my h80 ones were

    though the Gemini S524 wont cool as well as the h60
  2. Well I was hoping with the H60 I wouldn't have to.

    I think I am screwed though and might have to do it regardless.
  3. i know with an intel cpu you need to put a backplate on the motherboard for the h60

    not too sure if amd cpu you need to as well

    but my h80 did come with some sort of amd backplate
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